Alternative Resources

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Whenever I find a topic of interest I like to share it with others. Here are a few interesting videos and books on the financial and energy industries as related to the investment industry. As well there are included a few of the publications and associations within the exempt market field itself.

Video Documentaries – the following are a small collection of interesting and relevant videos on our financial industry and some of the impacts it has had on our evolution and current financial situations. All of them can be found on YouTube.

  1. The Ascent of Money – Niall Ferguson. From the creation of the first bank to their growing influence in geopolitical and world economic markets and ultimately to their role in the debt crisis.
  2. Inside Job – The Biggest Bank Heist Ever. Ever wonder how close are the major financial institutions with governmental policy? They are closer than you think.
  3. Meltdown – The Global Financial Crisis? Another perspective on just how integrated our financial institutions and world markets are linked.

Books – Many books have been written about our growing dependency on energy and how we are going to sustain or change our habits. Check these out.

  1. The End of Energy ObesityPeter Tertzakian. Visit Peter’s website for more news and research on the Energy Sector or to purchase his book.

Associations – Several associations have been created to deal with the establishment of the Exempt Market Industry to deal with the topics relating to the industry and regulations associated with offering securities in the field.

  1. Private Capital Markets Association of Canada