Alternative Market Investment Products

Raintree spends considerable time reviewing and assessing the companies and their products before placing them on the Raintree Product Shelf. Raintree’s Corporate Finance works with business owners to understand their financing objectives and consults with entrepreneurs, managers and executives to understand the business plan and evaluate the existing capital structure.  If the company aligns with our investment philosophy then Raintree will make a decision on adding that company’s investment to the Raintree product shelf.

Raintree’s Investment Philosophy: Core + Explore™

Raintree has created an investment strategy called Core + Explore to provide a combination of both private and public investments in their portfolio:

Core: The traditional component of a portfolio. These securities tend to be more conservative, liquid and market-oriented. We believe the best way to invest in your ‘Core’ portfolio is through a Registered Portfolio Manager that most resonates with your investment circumstances and philosophies.


Explore: The alternative investment component of the portfolio. These private investments tend to be riskier, but provide alternatives to public investments.

Ways to Invest

Investors have the option of using one or more of the following types of accounts to invest through depending on the product offering:

  • Cash
  • Corporation
  • Registered Account (RRSP, RESP, LIRA, RIF, LIF)
  • Tax Free Saving Account (TFSA)
  • Individual Pension Plan (IPP)

Available Products

Raintree has a wide selection of products from over 15 issuers. Raintree is constantly assessing and selecting which products to add to their shelf.

For a full list of investment products available through Raintree Financial Solutions then check out the Raintree Product Shelf on the Raintree website.