Welcome to the World of Alternative Market Investments

Your Introduction to Investing in the Exempt Markets in Canada

Navigating the investment world can be challenging. Stock markets are highly volatile and mutual funds, which invest in those same equities, have not been performing as expected. You’ve worked hard for your money and you expect performance from your investments.

Pension funds and institutional investment funds have been investing more and more in the alternative markets in recent years because they already know they can achieve better returns than in the equity markets. Real Estate, Commodities and Hard Assets provide the basis for many of these types of investments and are considered ideal for their ability to hedge against inflation.

Both businesses and individuals can take advantage of the benefits of investing in private companies. Whether you are just starting out in the alternative markets and looking to make a small investment or have been investing for years and are now looking for the right project to take a major position in, there’s a option right for you. Learn what the large funds already know and see if you should be making a change to your portfolio.

With investment opportunities in real estate, oil, farmland, solar power and flow-through shares, these funds may offer regular annual income, capital appreciation or tax benefits to give the investor a variety of choices when it comes to choosing their next investment. Not only can you use cash, but most registered funds (RSP, RESP, LIRA, RIF, TSFA, etc) and corporate accounts qualify as well.

If you want investment opportunities backed by solid business plans and quality management, which prioritize paying the investor first, then avoid the volatility of the public markets and consider an alternative investment in the exempt markets.

Contact me today to ask for more details or book an appointment and discover how you can invest in the alternative markets through Raintree Financial Solutions and start making a difference to your investments.